Located in the middle of an architectonic piece of art

The motel is located in the most enjoyable neighborhood around Odense even though it is directly in town centre.

The English architectural inspired Gerthasminde is constructed around 1920 and created by Anton Rosen. He was a famous Danish architect inspired by “garden cities” around Europe. The motel itself is a part of this characteristic architectural design that even with its common origin, is marked by a magnificent diversity.

As an alternative to a walk in the town centre of Odense or the lovely parks we recommend a walk through Gerthasminde. Most people are thrilled by the small homely gardens, colorful street doors and unique perfect style.

Directly opposite the motel, you will find the Church of Ansgar and the large park area.

Ansgarhus Motel - Kirkegaards allé 17-21 - E-Mail: ansgarhus@ansgarhus.dk - Tlf. (+45) 66 12 88 00 - Fax (+45) 66 12 88 65